Greyhound Cocktail

    What is a Greyhound?
    The Greyhound Cocktail is a cocktail made with gin or vodka and finished off with either canned or new grapefruit juice. It’s frequently presented with a lime wheel embellish or a grapefruit decorate.

    History for the Greyhound Cocktail
    The principal recorded reference of this mixed drink is in barkeep and writer Harry Craddock’s 1930 Savoy Cocktail Book. Craddock portrays his formula as “… a rendition of the Grapefruit Cocktail,” suggesting that such mixed drinks were at that point well known when his book was distributed. His mixed drink is comprised of just gin, grapefruit squeeze, and ice.

    At the point when vodka started acquiring prevalence in the United States in 1950, it steps by step supplanted gin in mixed drinks. The two spirits are usually utilized in Greyhound these days, so attempt them both and find which one you like. In any case, make a point to utilize an excellent base soul.

    One hypothesis of where this drink got its name from will be from the Greyhound transport organization. Post House, the ubiquitous café establishment at the Greyhound transport terminal, served its variant of this mixed drink with vodka. What’s more, in light of the fact that the cafés were visited by vacationers from all over the country, the vodka-spiked drink spread rapidly.

    What Glass is a Greyhound Served In?
    This mixed drink is most normally served in a stone glass or a highball glass. In any case, I have seen a few varieties in a Collins glass, which give the beverage a decent, fine, rich look.

    Minor departure from the Greyhound Cocktail
    Very much like any Cocktail, you will track down numerous varieties in its unique formula. Here are only a couple.

    Pungent Dog
    The most popular variety of this mixed drink is known as The Salty Dog, which is essentially a similar mixed drink with a Salted Rim. Investigate our Salty Dog formula here.

    The Dalmatian is a hot twist on the exemplary Vodka Greyhound mixed drink. The Dalmation formula adds a kick to the acidic grapefruit exemplary by utilizing dark pepper syrup, with the fieriness of the pepper syrup creating a strong, waiting for trailing sensation against the setting of the citrusy flavor.

    What are the best spirits for a Greyhound?
    With just two parts, there’s no space for messy vodka or gin. This is particularly evident since there are no sugars added to cover away from the flavor. Along these lines, we suggest utilizing excellent vodka or gin like Gray Goose or Hendricks. The equivalent is valid for the juice. New squeeze generally beats canned.

    The most effective method to Make a Greyhound Cocktail
    The following are the fixings and bearings for a Greyhound. We genuinely want to believe that you love this mixed drink however much we do.



    • 1 1/2 Ounces Vodka or Gin

    • 3 Ounces Grapefruit Juice

    • Ice 1 Handful


    • Top off a highball or rocks glass with ice.
    • Add 1 1/2 ounces of vodka or gin to the glass.
    • Add 3 ounces of grapefruit juice or top it off with grapefruit juice–your call.